We’re a wholesale food workshop, not a food factory.

Sausage Craft uses hands-on, artisanal methods to create small batches of sausages, terrines, bacon and other meat products made to order for Virginia restaurants, caterers and retailers. We want to make the best products possible by combining a traditional approach to style and craftsmanship with modern techniques and technology. We strive to elevate the humble sausage to a noble foodstuff.

Do right and eat well.

We believe that traditionally and locally-raised livestock provides meat that simply tastes better. And we believe ethically-made products can improve the lot of animals, the environment and your health. That’s why our products are made from humanely-raised meat without added hormones, antibiotics or steroids. No preservatives. No synthetic casings. We only use ingredients that are natural, fresh and flavorful. You should know what’s in your sausage.

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