Chris Mattera: Sausage Guy

Chris Mattera is a graduate of Virginia Tech and Le Cordon Bleu Paris Academy of Cuisine. In addition to his time in Paris, Chris has also studied under Sergio Falaschi, a third-generation Tuscan butcher in the town of San Miniato, Italy. Chris attended Iowa State University’s professional short course on dry and semi-dry sausages and has spent the last four years as production manager at a local butcher shop. He has developed and produced nearly 30 types of fresh sausage, as well as an array of cured meats, terrines and patés.  Chris enjoys reading up on history, the occasional fine cigar and collecting hats. He and his wife just welcomed their first child this summer.

Brad Hemp: Sales Guy

At the age of nineteen, Brad literally jumped for joy when he learned that he would get to man the cheese board at the Cheese Shop, in Williamsburg, VA. Since then, he has had a passionate—and at times turbulent—love affair with tasting, selling and learning about fine food and wine. Along the way he’s been a wine buyer at five different retail locations, a cheese-buyer at four, managed an artisan bakery and worked at a local butcher’s shop. He expanded his cultural and culinary horizons by biking across Ireland and Belgium. Brad likes inventing new ways to serve up local food and pretending that he really knows how to cook. In his spare time he bikes, reads history, hunts for great food deals, and drinks odd little wines.

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