We’re selling in ma’ hood…

I live over in Westover Hills, so I’m really happy that one of the first places to pick us up was the nearby beer mecca/wine bazaar Once Upon a Vine South. Then, in a whirlwind of facebook to twitter to blog to twitter modern social media madness, I saw that the word had got out to my neighborhood blog roll: Hills and Heights. Thanks to all involved…keep the gospel of delicious pork praise rollin’!

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“Sausage that good makes everything feel better…”

Karen, food blogger, writer and just generally a person who obviously has an acute appreciation for the finer things in life, posted a nice write-up about a sausage party we threw to celebrate the near-completion of our plant. Check it out, leave glowing comments about her post! You can check out some pics from the party at our Facebook page, make us a favorite while you’re at it!

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Richmond Magazine.com Gets It

We got a shout out from Richmond Magazine.com in this article written by foodie man-about-town Matt Sadler. Check it out, feel free to leave a comment about how great we are, or at least how great I am.

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Let the build out begin!


On Monday, Sausage Craft had an empty warehouse with old lighting and industrial doors. It’s Thursday, and now we have a new wall separating our receiving area from the processing floor. The old lights are gone, and we’ll have new ones in a couple days. The industrial doors will be hauled away soon, and our floors will be smooth and shiny. It won’t be long until we’re making delicious little sausage links right here!

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