Our Retailers

Salt Pork is our sister company, and sells Sausage Craft sausages, hams, bacons, jowls, and all things meaty at area farmer’s markets. Salt Pork is helmed by the intrepid chef Bill Foster, a man as quick with a knife (in a meat cutting sense) as he is with a smile. You’ll see him at the South of the James Farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings and at the Byrd House market on Tuesdays. We also set up another stand at the Saint Stephen’s market so the west-enders don’t have to miss out.

Did you know that Ellwood Thompson’s had moved north? They’ve opened a second store in Rockville, MD to show them Yankees how to sell some natural food. And they brought our sausages with them! They’re our first brick-and-mortar retailer outside of VA, and we couldn’t be happier that it was them since they mirror our philosophy (and we theirs) so well. DC and MD folks, if you haven’t already, check them out!

Local sustainable farm fresh goodness delivered to your door? Who wouldn’t want to have a part of that? That’s certainly what we thought when we were asked to put our sausages in their ggrocery boxes! Make sure to check out their Jefferson box subscription to get Sausage Craft surprises in the company of other local groceries every week or two!

On our first delivery to Ellwood’s, we drew a crowd to our packages of sausage. They were slightly swooning over the pervasive aromas of fine spices and sweet, fresh pork. We are so glad to be at Ellwood’s; our sausages fit perfectly with their selection of locally-sourced produce, bread, dairy, and other foods. They’ve been one of our most loyal customers and we don’t know what we would have done without their support. Their sausage selection changes weekly, so be sure to drop by the butcher’s case and see what’s fresh.

We deal with a few people who I consider real path-breakers, those people that keep it real. The people at Farm to Family are like that. First, they put a farmer’s market on a bus…that’s right on a freakin bus. Then they drive that bus around Richmond and DC and bring you fresh produce, eggs, meat, you name it. Now they have a great shop on Mechanicsville Turnpike which is like a farmer’s market, but is inside and open 365 days a year. They’re usually my last delivery on Fridays and I personally buy much of my produce there. They’re fearless, they have great stuff, and they carry our sausages…need I say more?

Feast is one of those super-hip little retail food joints that you want to be a part of but, you know, you’re not sure you’re cool enough? Thank goodness our friend, Sara, the current mistress of cheese there (formerly of River City Cellars in Carytown) got us in. Now they carry a few of our fresh sausages alongside their bodacious charcuterie and cheese selection. As of right now they are our only retailer in Charlottesville. So guess what c-villians, we’re finally cool enough to be in town and you should just check us out at Feast!

This place is one of the most adorable little markets to spring up in Richmond since we’ve been operating. Little House Green Grocery openly celebrates the bounty of Virginia’s local agriculture and we at Sausage Craft are a proud participant! Look for our rotating selection in their charming meat section. Not sure what to do now? Delicious Sausage Craft meat in hand? Jess and Erin certainly have a few ideas and can share them with you! Try one of their great cooking classes while you’re on the northside!

Businesses like Off the Vine, which sell and deliver local foods to its customers, are popping up every day. And thank goodness! They definitely make it easier for small scale farmers/producers to connect with potential customers. The owner, Tess, currently sells a diverse selection of our products to the areas east of Richmond on a weekly or semi-weekly basis.

Relay is comprehensive online retailer of groceries for pick-up at locations in Richmond and Charlottesville. You can see beautiful pictures of our sausages (and of our beautiful faces) at our online storefront. Just click to order, and set a place to pick up! This is what sausage looks like as it enters the 21st century…we’re still working on the transcontinental sausage rocket though.

Hunter, the owner of Vino Market, didn’t have to think long about bringing in our sausage. He pulled the trigger the first day I visited him! Well, we are a perfect fit for his wine shop, which also sells fresh fish, steaks, and salami. If you live on the southside, make the trek out to the shop for a wine tasting; his wine selection is awesome

I don’t live in Washington, DC, but from the news I imagine that life up there is stressful and intense as you decide the fate of the free world…like a Michael Bay movie but with fewer giant talking robots. That’s why you need someone like Washington’s Green Grocer to deliver local produce and delicious sausages to your front door; you won’t have to take time out of your hectic schedule. They source some great stuff – from cheese to greens to meat – and you should totally let them do some of your food shopping for you!

Take a weekend trip out to Virginia’s wine country along route 151 just southwest of Charlottesville, but before you hit the wineries stock up at the Greenwood Grocery. Then have awesome prepared foods, cheeses, produce, beer/wine, and just about everything you’ll need for a day in the country…even some of our sausages!

Our Restaurant Clients

When our hot Italian sausage met Michael Calogerakis’ pizzas it was a match made in food heaven. Fresh pies and comfort pasta dishes makes Anthony’s the place to be on 29th street and with the option to add our sausages to anything on their menu… well that’s amore.

Many may know Aziza’s owner Billy as a mild-mannered chef by day, but at night he unleashes his paranormal powers to bake phenomenal mixed-grain bread in his wood-fired brick oven (made by his own two incongruously perfect hands, of course), also churning out terrific pizzas, great lunches, and delicious brunches. Look for our Hot Italian loose on his pizzas, or our Chorizo sprinkled about on his menu.

Azzuro’s Chef Carlos Navarrette, keeper of the secrets of delicious sophisticated Italian food, took one taste of our San Minato with black truffles and garlic and knew he had to have it for his menu. Our San Minato joined the exclusive gourmet menu in great company. Be sure to try their pizzas and anti pasti as they are a gratifying West End staple.

Bacchus understands the simplicity of Italian cooking. Each ingredient celebrated but complimenting each other in a way creates a full composition of flavor. The way they have composed our San Minato paired with white beans and escarole is a perfect example of true appreciation for one of our best sausages.

Ross Mattis and Ned Wheeler had the brilliant idea for a restaurant. The concept was simple, offer high quality wines (over 400 labels to be more precise!) in all price ranges, and then build a food menu to pair with their wines. They put two different spins on the Sausage Craft bratwurst you know and love. They get extra kudos for referring to our brats as beautiful on their menu. Barrel Thief you’re pretty beautiful yourself!

It wasn’t easy getting into Bellytimber, chef Anna is very choosy about the food she decides to offer. I batted my eyelashes at her more than once, but in the end it was the deliciousness of our Pork Belly Sausage and our Chorizo that won her over. Look for our Sage Sausage and Chorizo on her weekend brunch menu, and our Pork Belly will be coming soon.

Chef Francis of Bistro Bobette (formerly Bouchon) asked if we could design and make a new sausage for him; a “French hotdog” of sorts. He even allowed Chris to gaze into his two volume, red leather bound, glowing, encyclopedia of French charcuterie. After he got over his mind being thoroughly blown, Chris was able to make the new sausage. Look for it on their lunch menu.

The Black Sheep is a small and cozy slice of heaven, for breakfast, lunch or dinner! They elevate grits to a higher and more profound level, and their sandwiches are among the food legends of Richmond. We are very pleased to sell our braising sausage to them, check for other things in the future!

Both Boathouse restaurants celebrate a love for good food and wine. And while there is no wrong way to eat a sausage, Boathouse has certainly shown us a way to eat sausages in style on their riverfront patios paired with their robust award winning red wines. Try our chorizo, hot Italian, and san minato in their Sausage Craft Trio or our andouille in their shrimp and sausage.

Brew, an American gastro pub. What is that you say? Simply the grand vision of Karen and Matt Verdisco who saw a seriously lack of delicious locally-sourced ingredients and great wine and beer in Chesterfield. With a 30 tap bar and at least 60 bottles of different craft beer at any given time, we can certainly say Chesterfield’s dry reign of domestic beer is no more! And we, here at humble Sausage Craft, can say we personally had a hand in delivering locally-sourced meaty goodness to their door.

The relaxed atmosphere of Café Caturra’s 24 wine bar and café is now even better with our sausages on the menu! Kick back on the patio and look for us on their awesome pizzas.

Ok, we don’t really sell sausage to the food bank, but we do donate our frozen loose sausage. We’ll do our bit to bring them great sausage, do what you can to bring them other great foods as well!

Commercial Taphouse earned it’s place as a local Fan favorite through constantly rotating beer selections ranging from local to imported, dark to light, with a huge emphasis on quality over quantity. It’s hard to resist trying more than one! A great tried and true bar for unique brew which certainly brings out some of the best qualities of our spicy Italian sausage found nestled in their menu.

Sausage Craft can be found within the exclusive yet delicious brunch menu of the Men’s Grill located at the heart of the Commonwealth Club. The only way in is with a membership and a shirt and tie. We all know the sausages are worth the effort!

C Street’s French cuisine cannot be missed while spending time in Carytown! On their dinner menu you can find our lamb sausages alongside a phenomenal set of lamb chops. You can also opt to add our delicious San Minato to the jovial company of orzo, seasonal local veggies, and aged parmesan cheese in their minestrone soup.

The Daily certainly kept us all on the edge of our seats wondering what would open at the busy corner of Cary and Sheppard. They certainly did not disappoint! Their commitment to serve food that is not only delicious but also health conscious, environmentally friendly and socially responsible was a principle we could identify with and we were more than pleased to provide our chorizo and sausages for their scrumptious brunch menu.

Phenomenal Italian food complimented by a great glass of wine is Enoteca Sogno’s claim to fame. They made our lamb sausage even more hearty and welcoming in a dish with rapini and cannellini beans. Be sure to check out their rotating seasonal menu for other fresh local goodness with Italian flair.

The restaurants at the Jefferson are a part of a historic legendary league who’s standards are set at the highest and never disappoint in their delivery. We at Sausage Craft see food the same way, nothing but the very best period. These principles lead to our charcuterie made the cut, to mingle on their menus in the hallowed halls of the Jefferson.

Julep’s is one of Richmond’s best restaurants for new southern cuisine. Located in the historic river district, this restaurant certainly has an understanding of great southern food with a mix of class and craftsmanship. While a speakeasy in style, there is no secret knock required to get a chance to try their locally renowned cocktails and their Julep’s twist on our Andouille and pork belly sausages.

Past their iconic tall bike, through the patio, beyond their charming doors lies some of the most delicious coffee roasts in Richmond. No café is complete without some yummy culinary goodness to go with it and we were proud to bring some meat to be their locally celebrated menu. If you couldn’t resist our sausages before, you’ll have an even harder time saying no now to our italian sausage in the Fat Tony and our patties in the Slayer.

From the depths of Kyle Sinclair and Chef Jason Thrasher came forth the legend of The Local. This brain child proudly features traditional favorites from the British Isles complete with hand-picked and complimentary brews. When they came looking for a banger sausage to hold up to their tradition and standards we heard the call and delivered our very own bangers to their mash.

This upstairs (i.e. closer to Heaven) beer bistro was almost perfect, it just needed great sausages to match its awesome beers. Well, now they’re breaking hearts and blowing minds pairing our Lamb Sausage with their brews. Look for some different sausages (like our Kasekrainer) to pop up there seasonally too. Little known fact: the crew there enjoys Thursday puzzle nights and trains ninjas in their spare time; talk about a talented bunch!

Owner Amy Ayers wanted a restaurant that was a little different, hip, but welcoming. Mint is all of this and more. Chef Malcolm Mitchell took her vision and created Italian styled brunches to die for. Of course we might be slightly biased because our andouille sausage is involved. Our meaty contribution with his Southern twist on Italian is indeed welcoming and certainly delicious.

On The Rox is a Shockoe Bottom staple and for good reason. There’s no better way to enjoy a Friday night than karaoke, a stiff drink, great friends, and delicious Sausage Craft Chorizo.

Why go out and wait for good pizza, when you can have a fresh dough ball and all the toppings you want provided to you. Victoria makes some great pizzas, but you get the fun of customizing and baking it fresh at home. And, you can get some of our awesome Della Nonna as a topping!

Portrait House is like that hip yet laid back friend of yours who is the perfect balance of quirky yet undeniable delicious. At least that was our impression when we had the chance to try their pizzas with our sausages. With 24 beers on tap and small plates to boot, Portrait House has a lot to offer the common man and sausage lover.

Known for their craft beer pairings and the huge unique range of flavors in their savory dishes, we have to say Chef Jen Mindell really out did herself when she created the Sausage Craft mixed grill for her menu at Postbellum! Our sausages served with stoned ground grits and braised greens create a superb example of southern comfort food while celebrating the true greatness of each individual component.

Jackson Ward has tucked away a little quirky gem of delight by the name of Saison. The brain child of Chef Adam Hall and co-owner Jay Bayer, they’ve found a way to make local Virginian food just as familiar as grandma’s table with a twist of hip and sexy. Between the repurposed hardcover book menus, great music, and delicious micro brews they found a way to squeeze our humble yet delicious chorizo in at their cool kids table.

Selba believes you should know what’s in your food and so do we. Teaming up with Selba was the easy part but the real question always is which sausages to choose? Sausage craft is proud to offer our celebrated chorizo and other rotating seasonal sausages throughout their menu. Make sure to grab a seat in their beautiful greenhouse dining room to truly appreciate Selba’s unique experience.

South Street Brewery’s passion to small handcrafted batches of artisanal brew matched our own dedication to our sausages so perfectly that we knew our bratwurst would be right at home on their menu. South Street has a true focus on fresh and original ingredients with an eclectic style centering in Southern and Creole cuisine. A must try while in downtown Charlottesville!

Station 2 found a way to enhance the historic landscape of Shockoe Bottom by utilizing the bones of a fire station built there in 1899 and putting in a restaurant with a spirit of love for local Richmond food. In a hunt for locally sourced organic meaty morsels for their opening menu, they found Sausage Craft. Our Amerikrainer fit what they needed perfectly, a patriotic sausage that doesn’t screw around.

When Chris and I saw the menu at Tavola in Charlottesville, it was obvious that we needed to be on their menu. Chris’s Italian-heavy sausage repertoire is a great match for the rustic, comforting cuisine at Tavola. Head their way on a cold evening, catch a booth in the corner, and have some warming red wine with our sausage and their polenta.

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