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The Full Miniato

Same as the San Miniato, BUT with shavings of black truffles from the town of San Miniato, Tuscany! The ultimate expression of this sausage.

The Kasekrainer

Pork, beef, Gruyere cheese AND bacon. An intense expression of a classic Austrian sausage. Tastes like unfulfillable longing. About 4 links per pound.

Ham & Cider Sausage

Pork sausage with Edwards VA Ham, Albemarle Ciderworks Cider and brown sugar. Ham, cider, and liberty in every bite- just like a Colonial breakfast! About 5 links per pound.


Fresh sausage made with pork, beef, a ton of garlic. When put in a vat of pilsner soaks up two whole pints! About 4 links to a pound.


Meant to emulate the flavors of roast Cuban pork shoulder; made from pork, cilantro, orange zest, garlic, cumin and other spices. Savory and warming like the Caribbean sun! Comes 4 links to a pound. Nutritional Information

San Miniato

The most versatile sausage ever invented. Excellent pork mixed with garlic, salt, and pepper, then stuffed into a hog casing. About 6 links to the pound. Nutritional Information

Saturday Nite Sausage

Tailor-made to soak up alcohol late on a Saturday night. Fine-ground pork flavored with garlic, local Devils Backbone Brewing Company Vienna Lager, and lots of Sriracha sauce. Spicy-good! About 4 links to the pound. Nutritional Information

Loose Sage Sausage

Great for breakfast patties or stuffed into anything. Pork mixed with sage, chili flake, and other spices…then left loose for you to do with what you like. Nutritional Information

Hot Italian Rope

Distantly related to other hot Italian sausages, but way more amazing. Layers of fennel, chili, garlic, and pork flavors. Classically awesome. Nutritional Information

Also available in Mild for those who want the flavor without the burn. Nutritional Information

Fresh Herb Sausage

Delicate porky links flavored with a mix of fresh herbs that vary with availability…so it’s always fresh and seasonal. Typical herb blend might include tarragon, chives, parsley, etc. Stuffed in sheep casing, about 6 links to the pound.

Della Nonna

Inspired by the sausage made by Chris’s great-grandmother, who, incidentally, rocked. Spirals of porky greatness flavored with fresh parsley, white wine, and pecorino cheese. About two four-inch spirals to the pound. Nutritional Information


Smoky and complex sausage with a mesmerizing bright red color. Based on a Spanish recipe, this link is flavored with an array of spices to give it a smoky, spicy, savory intensity. Great with anything from potatoes to beans to eggs to nothing else at all. About 4 links to the pound. Nutritional Information


This is a truly original sausage that burst forth from Chris’s fevered imagination. Pork and beef with sharp cheddar cheese, and pickled cherry peppers. Spicy, cheesy, sour, and beefy. It’s the Dolph Lundgren of sausages; it doesn’t screw around, it barely even speaks. About 4 links to the pound. Nutritional Information

Pork Belly Sausage

Two succulent pig parts (shoulder and belly) meet in a snappy pork casing. Flavored with red wine and fresh rosemary, this one is juicy, rich, and with an herbal edge. About 4 links to the pound. Nutritional Information


We didn’t forget the staples, we just made them better. An all-pork brat with hints of lemon zest, ginger, ground mustard; it’s not your average boring brat. It’s more like a brat designed by Wernher von Braun for German astronauts. About 4 links to the pound.

Lamb Sausage

All natural leg of lamb ground with fresh garlic and rosemary; like roast lamb but much quicker to cook. Mixed with a bit of pork fat to giver a smoother texture. About 4 links to the pound.

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